What is “Tampo” – and How Can I Fix It?

The video below interviews two ladies in the Philippines about the infamous mood or sulking called “Tampo“. 

The display of this Filipino “tampo” comes from the girlfriend or wife being offended by something said or done by the man.  It stems from the non-confrontational nature of Asian people in the belief of “saving face” without . . . → Read More: What is “Tampo” – and How Can I Fix It?

Foreigners like Dating Filipino Women?

The Founder of MeetAsianGirl.com makes some interesting comments about why Western men are drawn towards Filipino women.

His opinion should have some weight since he has years of experience in running a dating site for international members – for American/European/Australian and SE Asian singles.

Let me know your comments and thoughts below. We are always . . . → Read More: Foreigners like Dating Filipino Women?

True Love or Just Sex?

I like this new video about the difference between true love and material pleasures. It even talks about the purpose of Life.

There is so much good stuff in this video about how to learn to love other people etc.

Let me know what you think about it, and as always; feel free to comment . . . → Read More: True Love or Just Sex?

The Most Important Rules for Online Dating?

What are the most important rules for online dating?

Well, the question has been addressed in the following video. I suggest you take a look at the video. It is good and gives a great summary of the salient points, such as when do you know if your online girlfriend is looking for real true . . . → Read More: The Most Important Rules for Online Dating?

Thailand versus Philippines….

Happy Filipinas at pool party in Manila

A new video has been uploaded about the top differences between Thailand and the Philippines.

These two countries seem to be very popular with expats for dating and looking for a wife.   But even though there are lots of similarities there are some big differences.   To summarize. I would say Thailand is best for party . . . → Read More: Thailand versus Philippines….